Use These *FREE* Salespeople Before Your Competitors Do!

It always amazes me when the answers are right under our noses and we can’t see them clearly.  How about if I told you that you already have five to ten “free salespeople” in your town that would love to help you out if you just asked them.  Sound too good to be true?

Well, I’m sure it does – to most of you.  But that’s because you’re not looking for them.  Have you ever noticed that when you really want something – it starts suddenly appearing all over the place?  Like when you have a desire for a certain car, all of a sudden you start seeing that car on the road all the time.

That’s because your mind is now “focusing” on the desire or goal.  Trust me, the same number of that particular car were on the road before you had the desire.  You just now start noticing them.  So, how can you get your mind focused onto things that will grow your salon business?

Well today, I have a really easy one that will blow your mind.  That’s right, this idea was always here but you just never noticed it before.  And that idea is to find key local businesses and charities to actively promote your business – for nothing.  Let me explain.

Every town has places that have brides as there customers.  It could be a bridal shop, it could be a florist, or it could be a photographer.  These brides have wedding parties.  Wedding parties that like to have services done!  What if you came up with a simple marketing program that allowed the referring business to benefit from the sales?

For example, you give the bridal shop – 50 referral cards (with their name on the card) and every time a new client is referred to your salon – the bridal shop gets a credit.  A credit that they can use for discounted (or free) services in your salon.  The referral card, that they hand out, will have a small discount for the bride as well.  So, they are actually creating some “good will” for their clients as well.

This is a win-win-win situation.  And of course, your HairMax salon software can easily control all aspects of tracking the effectiveness of this referral program.  You can even use the “on account” feature to put cash rewards on their account that they can redeem whenever they choose.

Now the key to making this work is to make it a “no-brainer” for the participating business.  So, you should already have the small display (that holds the referral cards) done for them.  Also, let them know that you would be willing to promote their business as well (if applicable).

Local charities are another often overlooked source for referrals.  They are always looking for ways to raise money.  Find a charity in your area and take the executive sponsor out to lunch to start building a relationship with them.  Tell them that you will donate a percentage of your sales for every referral that they send to you.

This technique will take a little while longer to develop, but it could pay large dividends in the future.  It can also be successful with local sports teams, Girl Scout troops, and churches.

Your goal should be to try and add one new business or charity a month.  At the end of the year, you will have 12 free salespeople working for you.  At the end of two years, it will be 24.  If you get only one new client a week from each business, that’s about 1250 new clients a year.

But be aware that the first salon that jumps on this idea will shut out all the other salons in the town.  Businesses can only promote one salon at a time.  And once you get going on this idea, it will be like the car that you wanted.  You will start seeing potential “salespeople” all over the place in your town.  What are you waiting for?

Best regards, Steve Sampson

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