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Do you sell Computers?

We do not sell computers…but we do sell peripherals like cash drawers, bar code scanners, credit card equipments, etc. The computers that run HairMax can be purchased at Dell, Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, etc. The requirements are minimal and you should find the best deal that you can.

What are the Hardware Requirements to run the HairMax Software?

HairMax runs on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. We recommend PC’s with Windows 7 to have at least 4GB Ram and PC’s with Windows 8 to have at least 8GB Ram. Hard Drive Space should be at least 80GB. HairMax fully supports 32-bit and 64-bit O/S computers.

See our Hardware Requirements page here…

If I want to communicate with my salon computer from home, can I do this easily?

Yes, you can. We recommend a product called Logmein (). This product will allow you to access your salon computer from anywhere in the world. You need to have a high-speed Internet connection at your salon (DSL, Cable) and also have high-speed Internet connection at the location from where you are calling. Logmein is a subscription-based product that currently costs $60/year.

If I want to have two or more terminals (computers) at my front desk or in an office…do I need additional software?

When you purchase HairMax, you are purchasing a single license (see pricing). If you want to add any additional computers to your network, you need to purchase additional licenses at $250 per computer.

What if I have a Mac (Apple) computer?

You can still run HairMax…but you would need to get a third-party package to allow your Mac to run windows programs. There are three that we suggest: Bootcamp from Apple, Parallels from Apple or Vmware fusion. All of these programs will allow you to partition the Mac to run a “virtual” windows environment. Then you purchase a copy of Windows and you’re all set.

How is my data saved in HairMax? Do I need to worry?

HairMax has an automatic backup system built into the software. You can set up HairMax to backup any time of the day or night. We typically recommend that backups be done to USB Flash Memory devices or external hard drives. Once you set up HairMax backups…you can rest easy at night knowing that your data is always safe.

Are there any monthly fees with HairMax?

When you purchase HairMax…that is it! We do not require that you pay monthly fees for anything. Once you buy it…you own it.

How do upgrades to the software work?

When you first purchase HairMax, you will get the latest version of the software available. You are also entitled to free software upgrades for the first year. These upgrades can be downloaded directly from the Internet if you have a high-speed Internet connection (cable, DSL). If you do not, then we can mail a CD to your salon. After the first year, you can purchase upgrades when you need them. We will inform you, from either HairMax monthly newsletters or from our website, when a new version is available. You have a choice as to whether you want to purchase the latest version.

How about Telephone Support?

When you first purchase HairMax, you will get free HairMax telephone support for the first year. By simply calling our 1-800-HAIRMAX line, we are there to answer any questions you may have. After the first year, you have an option of continuing telephone support or not. Currently, telephone support costs approximately $240 per year.

What if I am a Single-operator or Booth renter?

You can get a one-user version of HairMax for $497.00 (see pricing). This gives you all the functionality of the complete HairMax system, however, it restricts the amount of employees in the system to one.

What if I am a small salon, just starting out?

You can get a 2-5 employee version of HairMax for $997.00 (see pricing). This gives you all the functionality of the complete HairMax system, however, it restricts the amount of employees in the system to five.

If I start out with the Single-operator version or the 5-employee version of HairMax, can I upgrade if my salon grows bigger?

Yes, you would just pay the difference between what you have already purchased and the new system that you are going too.

How do I get training for HairMax?

When you purchase HairMax, we include 6 hours worth of training with the product. If you are in the New England area, we can actually install HairMax for you and give you some training on-site (in most cases). If you’re outside of our area, then we schedule Internet training whereby we log into your computer remotely and talk you through how to use HairMax over the telephone. It is like we are right there next to you!

What about ongoing training after I start using HairMax?

Our goal is to get you to use 100% of the HairMax system. We know that takes time. We send out monthly newsletters filled with tips on how to use HairMax to better run and build your business. We also have an annual seminar that is designed around using HairMax to its fullest. There are also weekly email tips that are sent to better help you run your business using HairMax. We really take a lot of pride on what we do after the sale.

I am converting to HairMax from another system. Can I import my data into HairMax directly?

If your current system allows the export of client names, addresses, and telephone numbers into an Excel or Text format, many times we can import these right into HairMax. Sales information, appointments, and other information is usually very difficult to import because your existing system does not really provide a way to get the information out into a format that we can use. Getting the client information seems to really give a salon about 90% of the data that they really need to start using HairMax immediately.

What about cash drawers, bar code scanners, receipt printers, and other peripherals?

We can provide these hardware devices to you or you can purchase them on your own (see Hardware). HairMax works with selected electronic cash drawers, star receipt printers, Dymo label writers (appointment card printer), all bar code scanners, etc. Call us today to get details and pricing on any of these items

Does HairMax process credit cards?

Yes. HairMax interfaces to a credit card processing company that provides low cost credit card and debit card processing. It is easy and seamless, and you still use your local bank for which the money is deposited. For details click here.

Does HairMax process plastic gift cards?

Yes. For years, HairMax has been providing our clients with a variety of different gift card options to choose from. You can purchase gift cards right from us or you can get your own. Gift card balances, purchases and redemptions are done right through HairMax…so there is never a charge or cost once the gift cards are purchased. Also, gift cards are totally reusable through the HairMax system. Once a client’s balance reaches zero, you can delete the gift card from HairMax and reissue the same card to someone else. For details click here.

I heard HairMax can use client loyalty key tags to increase my sales. Is that true?

Client loyalty key tags are a great way that you can recognize your best clients and reward them throughout the year. It uses the same principles that many multi-million dollar companies such as CVS, Staples, Supermarkets, etc. use today. We can provide you with custom key tags with your logo on them and the HairMax system will automatically keep track of the sales of the client and print out the necessary reports and labels to make the program work for you simply and easily. For details click here.


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