Why Getting Client Email Addresses is Such a Challenge?

Did you ever want to build a big list of client email addresses so that you could advertise for nothing?  Imagine if you could just send out a simple email and you could fill up blank spots in your appointment book or promote a new service or product special.  Wouldn’t that be great? 

Well, in theory, it would be great.  But what many salon owners have found out, over the last few years, is that there are real challenges to making this happen.  But the biggest challenge of all stems from the inherently “bad” approach that salons try to employ to get the email addresses in the first place.  Let me explain. 

Think of it this way, if someone asked you for your email address – would you simply give it?  Probably not, unless that person gave you a real good reason for wanting it.  Unfortunately, most people have had their email addresses abused in the past and they’re real sensitive to giving it out now (unless there is a good reason). 

And this has to do with the fact that the “transaction” is set up as a win-lose proposition.  Here is the deal – you give me your email address and I send you emails to try and sell you things.  That is a win for you (you got what you wanted) but a “lose” for the client.  And unless you setup a better transaction – you will forever be running up hill. 

Because this is what happens, the first couple of times that you start sending “junk” to them – they will open it.  Then they will start deleting it.  Then they will start calling it “Spam”.  Then when their email address changes (which happens to about 5% of your list every month) they won’t give it back to you. 

Now, does that mean we should just forget about email?  Of course not!  Email marketing can be great.  It can help you build a “relationship” with your clients that you never had before.  It can really grow your business.  It is super cheap.  And it gives you “leverage” that can be extremely powerful.  But in order to do it right – you need to change the way the game is being played. 

Remember this axiom – under promise and over deliver.  That is the real key to “making it work” right.  And in a moment, I’m going to explain how we’re changing HairMax to make the email system truly the best in the business from a salon management standpoint. 

Let’s start with the simple process of entering an email address.  Do you realize how many times a receptionist just cannot read the email address or will type it in wrong?  And that’s when they’re not terrified to ask the client for the email address in the first place.  How about if you had a “validate” button right next to the email address that would send a “Thank You” email right to the client instantly? 

Do you think that would cut down on mistyped email addresses? 

Now think about this.  What if you told your clients that in order to help you become a more “green” salon – you would like their email address to send them their sales receipt along with a reminder of their next appointment?  Have you been to the Apple store recently?  That is exactly what they do and they get 95% of the people to “give up” their email addresses. 

Now lets take it a step further.  Let’s say on that “sales receipt” that they get – you put some great tips for maintaining their color or remind them of a special deal that you are running next week.  Do you see how you’re now making it more of a win-win situation? 

And here is the best part.  What if your HairMax system could do it all for you?  Once you set up your email settings – it would all be done automatically.  Well, those are exactly the kinds of things that are coming in HairMax version 11.6 (due out by May 1st).  In fact, I’m even going to give you pre-done emails that you can use right away.  

But until then, remember that transactions that are set up as win-lose never really last for any business.  Clients are not dumb.  Treat them with respect and they will give you what you want. 

P.S. If you have any great ideas for making HairMax better, send along an email to me, and I will try and include it in this year’s upgrade.  

Best Regards, Steve Sampson

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