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The Complete HairMax System is Now Available for just


Get HairMax NOW for As Little as $197.00 Down

When you purchase HairMax…you own it!

You’re not “renting” the program and we don’t nickel and dime you to death when you add staff.

There are no limitations on the software…at all.

You also don’t need to have the Internet at the salon in order to use HairMax.  There are some advantages to having the Internet at your salon…but it’s not a requirement for HairMax.

We also don’t force you into any kind of monthly fee or upgrade cycle.  We have upgrades available every year…but its your choice as to when you actually purchase them.

The HairMax software that you are purchasing today…is the latest version of the software.  Any upgrades that occur during the first 360 days of installation are FREE with your purchase.  Upgrades after that would require additional funds.

HairMax comes with FREE telephone support for One Year thru our HairMax Gold Membership package.  With this package, you get free weekly marketing tips and access to inexpensive gift cards, referral cards, etc.  This membership normally costs $19.95/month.  You are enrolled FREE for the first year.

Also, with the membership package you have access to unlimited on-line training.  Again, it’s FREE for the first year.  You can cancel this membership at any time.  There is no obligation.

Note:  The price of HairMax reflects a single HairMax license.  Any additional computer that you want to run HairMax on…needs to have it’s own unique HairMax license.  Additional licenses can be purchased (at any time) for $200/license.

There are a number of financing options available for the above packages.

Please contact our offices 1-800-424-7629 for details.

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