Membership Clubs for Salons will be big in 2009

We are entering a new paradigm in the United States.  We just got done electing a new President and there has already been a shift in thinking as we approach 2009.  The mantra among the people now is saving, value, green, and getting more for your money.  Of course, a lot of this new thinking has to do with the economy.  As jobs are lost, the drumbeat will just grow louder.    

The need for salon owners to "change the way they do business" will take center-stage in 2009 as more and more clients attempt to stretch out their appointments.  There will also be a greater emphasis on retaining more clients because it will take more clients to make up for the lost visits.  Which highlights just one of the benefits of the HairMax Salon Software program.  But, we will get to that in just a few minutes.

Membership programs (like Costco, BJs, Airlines, etc) have been used for years by large companies to improve client loyalty.  Well, this will come into play more than ever in the next few years, as people try and get more "value" out of the money that they spend for goods and services.  Imagine if your salon could implement a world-class client loyalty program (like the big boys) with virtually no effort from you?

Well, now you can with the HairMax Salon Software program.

With HairMax, you can create a unique membership program for your salon and "reward" your top clients. Look, we all know that 80% of revenue in the salons is produced by 20% of the clients.  This is the Pareto Principle at work (80/20 rule).  Well, do you realize that 80% of the client referrals are also produced by 20% of the clients!  With HairMax, I can show you how the computer will keep track of your membership rewards just by cashing out the clients.  There is no "additional" work to be done.

I can also show you how a carefully crafted membership program can not only produce more loyal clients…but also produce more referrals and more services with your existing clients.  So, they will be spending more money, you will retain them much longer, and they will produce more new clients for you.  Now, does it get much better than that?

I can also produce "custom" client loyalty key tags with your salon name, logo, etc., so that your clients will be thinking of your salon every time they go to open their door or drive their vehicle.  This type of marketing is very inexpensive and non-intrusive to your clientele.  It keeps your salon name in the "sweet spot" of your client’s mind.  This type of marketing is called "top of consciousness" marketing and it is very effective.

Call me today @ 1-800-424-7629  and I will explain to you how HairMax can give your salon a decided edge over your competitors.  Membership programs will experience and explosion in 2009.  Will your salon take advantage of it?

Regards, Steve Sampson


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