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It is amazing how the experience of taking appointments can differ so much between different salon appointment software programs.

At first glance, they may look similar however, once you start using them in your salon the ‘ease-of-use’ can differ – and sometimes greatly. So,… what are some of the secrets to know when choosing salon appointment software?

Simpler = Faster = Higher Productivity = More Profits

You will increase your salon’s productivity by choosing appointment software that is simpler and easier to look at.

The odds are,…. you and your staff will enjoy greater success – by correctly booking client appointments much faster – if you can instantly understand any appointment page you view. But of course, assuming it has all the features you need.

The only way Hairmax could achieve such a powerful scheduling software system was to base over a decade of software development on our customers’ feedback.

Only by doing this could we make an appointment software system that:- is extremely quick and easy to navigate through and use, and – has all the appointment booking capabilities any salon could ever need in their lifetime.

From the main appointment calender, you can easily change the time period viewed by one click of your mouse – changing it from a day to a week or a month.

Each alternative view is designed to make it very easy to understand – even at a quick glance – ensuring the process of scanning the different calenders can be done in seconds.

More Salon Scheduling Capabilities = More Growth

Now, before explaining the different ways appointment software can schedule salon appointments….it is important, not to base your decisions about any appointment software on what your salon looks like now. Make sure you allow for future growth.

You want beauty salon appointment software that will easily support your salon when it becomes very busy, you employ more stylists/therapists and you increase the number of different beauty services you offer to your clients.

To do this ensure your the salon appointment software can performs tasks such as

  • easily record service packages
  • easily record multiple bookings for group books
  • support a large number of stylists
  • be able to call up the first available appointment for stylists who are heavily booked.

In most professional Salon Appointment Software programs these features are actually fairly standard.

However, the question is….how quickly can these features be accessed from the main appointment book page and how easy are they to use.

With Hairmax, you can access all of the above mentioned features from the main appointment book page with one click of your mouse. A new smaller window pops up, where you can quickly retrieve all the information you need – instantly, you can then make the appointment.

And even the most complicated appointments – such as day packages – can be completed in well under a minute.

Extras = Better Customer Service

Some appointment software packages provide you with a variety of different business tools you may not have even thought about. Do not overlook these extras.

They can add a lot of value to your salon business by allowing you to offer a higher level of customer service.

And, how do we know this?….

Because once again, we have received huge amounts of feedback from our existing clients telling us what special salon appointment software features mean most to their businesses.

Some features provide their salon business’s with a distinct competitive advantage, and others – at the very least – give them the capability of providing the same level of service as their bigger competitors.

So, pay close attention to the capability of being able to confirm appointments via email or SMS. With this, you can free up your receptionist and allow your computer to take on the task of notifying your clients of their appointments.

HairMax has a fully integrated email client, allowing you to send daily confirmations to clients to notify them of upcoming appointments. You can send unlimited, free confirmation emails using your own email account through HairMax.

Also, imagine what it would be like to automate the process of creating appointment cards for your clients. HairMax allows you to automatically print appointment cards directly from the appointment book, containing your salon info and the appointment info for your client.

Clients appreciate having a professional quality appointment card with all their appointment information when they leave your salon and receptionists appreciate the time saved by not having to write them by hand.

Are you beginning to see….you not only want to assess the features of the salon appointment software and how easy the software is to use, but also how it will make it easier for you to provide a higher level of customer service to your clients.

You can discover more about how the right Salon Appointment Book can improve your standard of customer service by clicking here….

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