Salon Appointment Book

The traditional style salon appointment book is just not enough to support a busy salon business.

In fact, it struggles to provide even a small salon with enough flexibility to make appointments quickly and efficiently…

Fact is….the easier your appointment book software is to use, the easier it is for you to provide a higher standard of customer service to your clients.

One of the biggest problems, which can be time consuming and stressful for you or your receptionist, is scanning the weekly appointment book to find the next available appointment. This is particularly true when you are trying to book packages which require a range of different services slots available with subsequent timings.

Another is, when you are trying to find the next appointments available with a highly booked stylist, that is convenient for a client.

If your appointment scheduling software does not adequately support your salon’s busy schedule and your customer service standards, you or your receptionist will experience unwanted stress and frustration on a daily basis.

And as you probably know, any feelings of stress and frustration are very hard to consistently hide when talking on the phone to client after client, whilst making appointments.

This all affects the standard of customer service you provide your client during their initial contact with your salon.In just about every case, this is the first point of personal contact your client will have with your salon ….on the phone making the appointment.

This is the first opportunity your client has to make a judgment about your salon. If their experience is effortless and they are made to feel special whilst making the appointment, how do you think they are going to feel? They will be excited with the anticipation of coming to your salon.


Because they want the experience of feeling special to continue!

So, imagine if it could be effortless for you or your receptionist to book any kind of appointment – even if you are booking half day or full day packages,… or even a group booking.

Wouldn’t it be better for your business if you or your receptionist could be concentrating on providing superior customer service on the phone and making an excellent first impression on your clients when making appointments.

This is exactly why so much effort has gone into designing our Salon Appointment Book. We realize how important this is to your receptionist’s success, and thus your salon’s success.

When you view the daily, weekly or monthly appointment book, you instantly understand what you are looking at. The page layouts, text and colors have been specially designed so you can instantly understand them at a glance.

They are attractive and very easy to look at. This is extremely important if you or your receptionist have to look at them repeatedly, time after time every day.

The appointment book’s layout is simple, yet extremely powerful. All the extra booking options are placed intuitively on the page where your eyes instinctively look.

So, when you want to use the other appointment booking options, such as the Quick Booking or Multiple Booking you can find them instantly, and access with one click of your mouse.

And you’ll be surprised to find how fast these booking options are. The Salon Appointment Book gives maximum flexibility with the Quick Booking, Standing Booking and Multiple Booking options.

They support even the most complicated appointment making requirements….allowing you or your receptionist to be extremely efficient by making complex bookings in well under a minute.

Now, as you discovered….. a great salon appointment book can improve your ability to provide a superior standard of customer service to your clients.

And as you learn more, you’ll also discover….. when making appointments is made so easy with the right appointment software, you will also be able to create opportunities for your receptionist to ask your clients important questions like "where did you hear about our salon?".

Don’t miss opportunities like these to gather important market research and insight into your marketing efforts. Questions like these can give you valuable information which can lead to you making better marketing decisions and thus, making bigger and bigger profits with your salon business.

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