Hair Salon Management

The challenges of successful in hair salon management

One of the biggest challenges when managing your hair salon is how to operate an efficient and smoothly running hair salon.

Like any business, you have to achieve many things at once….

You have to provide:
– a simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful salon system,
– enough computer terminals to support the work load,
– an ergonomic yet attractive salon layout,
– comfortable modern salon furniture,
– in-house hair products and tools that your staff like to use and allow them to be creative,
– the right management style to manage your staff,
– hire the right staff,
– and then support, train and motivate your staff
– and more…

Yes, this does seem a lot to achieve – all at once. But,… you can improve your chances of success with one simple strategy.

Secret Strategy = Increase Chances of Hair Salon Success

When you’re assessing any salon system, product or tool to use in your salon, do not only consider the quality of the product itself, but also the continuing support – from the manufacturer/supplier- that goes along with it.

Your hair salon will benefit greatly if all your suppliers provide you with excellent ongoing support.

There are lots of great companies in the beauty industry, who not only want to supply their products to you , but who will also provide your salon with first class customer service and support for as long as you use their product.

These suppliers want to ensure you use their product to its fullest potential in your salon. They know, if they are committed to your salon’s success, you will to buy more from them well into the future!!

So, …what will some of the best manufacturers/ supply companies do for you?…

They will:
– offer prompt salon training to all your staff who will be using their product,
– be available to provide you with support when you need it …during all of your operating hours,
– have very high customer service standards – this will be clearly evident to you, right from when you made the initial inquiry with them about their product
– provide high quality information in all their sales brochures, company website, instructions and any other extra valuable information they provide you to help your business succeed
– sponsor or organize conferences packed with information about how to be more successful with your hair salon business.

If you get this level of support with every product/tool you use in your salon, imagine how the combined result would compound your own efforts for success. Operating a smoothly running and successful hair salon will be made a whole lot easier.

And we see it all the time with our own clients. …They are so grateful to be able to discuss different issues about their salon business with us. Sometimes, it may be just to bounce some ideas around. Other times, they need to be able to talk about specific management issues with someone else who has had experience in the beauty industry.

To most of our clients we are more like a business partner than just a supplier of salon management software.

As you’ll discover….it is not just about providing first class support and staff training. It is about fostering valuable business relationships that allow us all to succeed in hair salon management and beauty industry.

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