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How will you know,… if a salon management software can make you more money and help you grow your business well into the future?

As you’ve heard before, a complete salon management solution is not just about handling your sales transactions, client management, marketing, payroll, appointment booking, and sales reports. A salon management system can:
– improve your salon’s profitability by increase your staff productivity and help your entire salon run smoothly,
– help you become more profitable when choosing what products and inventory to reinvest in,
– make you more money by providing you with crucial client information ready to instantly implement into powerful marketing efforts,
– and much more. …

So, how can you be absolutely confident a salon management software will give you any of these results?

Try Before You Buy = No Salon Management Software Regrets

You can test the salon management program before you buy it.

Some software companies offer you a free trial period….so you and your staff can take it for a test drive – for anywhere from 7 to 30 days. This way, you get to test everything the software company claims their program can do.

Get as many opinions about the software as possible. Two heads are always better than one, ….and three and four are even better. If possible, let everyone test the parts of the software they will be using on your salon computer.

Tryout every daily scenario you experience in your salon with the software. That means, role play. Role play with the receptionist using the system and have someone phone up – or pretend to – to book a service and use the appointment book in the system. Then continue to test all the other scenario that happens – eg. booking packages, multiple bookings, entering new client information, …every booking scenario you can think of. 

Then, go to the next step and role play the client coming in for the appointment and then paying for the service. You’ll have to do a bit of preparation for these tests, but it all well worth your effort. It is the only sure way of testing the system. And make sure more than one person has a go at being the receptionist.

The system should improve your salon’s productivity by seamlessly supporting your salons operations. To achieve this it has to be enjoyable for you and your staff to use. Thus, it has to be an easy tool to use. You do not want any part of the salon management software program to be complicated or tedious. That includes, how you enter the information into the system – whether it is client information, a sales transactions or for inventory management – and how you retrieve the information out of the system, so it is understandable and useful to you.

So,…the management reports have to be a valuable tool for you. You are the salon manager and are responsible for your salon’s success. The management reports are supposed to make it easier for you to manage your business better.

It is not in anyway helpful, if a system gives you a huge list of complicated looking management reports – a whole lot of figures on a page you don’t quite know what to do with. Simple, focused reports highlighting two or three problem areas can help you improve your business considerably more. It goes without saying….the simple, highly focused reports will provide far more power to your efforts to improve your business – They help you strategically improve your business bit-by-bit, one step at a time. This is particularly important in most salons, where there is only one manager, not a whole group of managers.

So….how can we be so sure testing any beauty salon management software can be such a valuable opportunity?

Simple. Our clients tell us.

Our Hairmax 30 day FREE trial has helped many clients make the best decision for their business. It let them test our Hairmax salon software inside their very own salons, using real-life everyday scenarios,…. risk-free. They didn’t have to guess, or to take our word that it would work. They got to see for themselves how Hairmax could make their salon business become far more successful.

Paula from A Cut Above Hair Design in Waterford, CT said this after she happily went on and purchased Hairmax Salon Software…..

 "I Love It!! HairMax has increased my profits in the salon. HairMax has given me more knowledge about my business. I have also made inventory changes and purchases all due to HairMax."

Claim your FREE Hairmax Salon Management Software 30 day trial now by Clicking Here and see for yourself how Hairmax can help make your salon become a huge success.

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