Why Most Salons are Not REALLY Profitable…

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Do you think that you should be making more money than you are right now?

I mean for the amount of hours you put in and the stress that you take on every week as the owner…should you be making more?

The reason I bring this subject up is because recently I’ve been talking to salon owners just like you and what I’ve discovered is that at the end of the month…most salons have a checking account balance that is less than desirable (for them).

They simply do not have enough “profits” to ever build the bank balance month after month.

And if you’re in this crappy camp today…you’re not alone.

By the way, not everybody is in this situation.  Some salons are very profitable.  Which should give you hope that the problem isn’t the industry itself.  It’s really something that is very controllable and very fixable.

You just have to recognize that it exists in your salon…especially if you have the dreaded PROFIT problem.

If you ask your accountant…”What’s the biggest problem impacting profitability in my salon?”  They’re likely to say either…”Your expenses are too high” or “Your sales are too low”.

They learn this in Accounting 101.

But, neither one of those “reasons” highlight the real problem.

Although the amount of money allocated to payroll is a huge deal for most salons…and in some cases…is the major reason the salon cannot get its head above water…payroll is not easily fixed.

The biggest issue facing financially strapped salons is…the salon’s inability to retain clients on a consistent basis.

That’s it…pure and simple.

I know…because I see the real numbers EVERY DAY (coming out of salons using the HairMax salon management software).

The numbers are glaring.

Salons that don’t grow (their sales are flat to declining year over year) have lousy retention.

And that lousy retention…impacts your wallet…every week.

So, instead of spending all your energy focusing on reducing expenses…spend some figuring out WHY your clients are not coming back.

Because at the end of the day…when you solve this major problem…the other problems take of themselves.

The client retention issue is exactly the reason why we developed the HairMax Marketing Concierge.  In fact, the tagline associated with the system is:

The Only Client Retention Improvement System that simultaneously increases service sales, client visits and your salon’s image – without you ever lifting a finger. 

If your sales are flat (or barely improving), if your checking account is not where you want it to be or if you have a nagging feeling in your stomach that something might not be quite right…

Let us do a free “Hidden Opportunities” analysis for you.

It only takes 15-20 minutes and we can show you exactly what is going on in your business.

Chances are…even if your business is growing a bit…you still have a huge hidden opportunity that can be tapped very easily and automatically.

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As always, aim high…and dream even higher…

Steve Sampson


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