Why Facebook is a Total Waste of Time for Salons…


If you’re like most salon owners…you spent a good deal of time and effort on making “Social Media” sites like Facebook work in 2012.  And I would guess that for the most part…it has been a total waste of time for you. Time that you don’t have in ample supply to waste by the way.

And there are a lot of reasons for this but none bigger than the simple fact that people do not go onto Facebook to BUY things.  They just don’t.  They go to Facebook to catch up with their friends, to post pictures and to play a foolish game of “I’m more popular than you”. And that’s pretty much it.

So, if you tried and tried and just never made any real progress…join the club.  Nobody really did.

Sure, there are some salon owners who posted things every other day and maybe got a few clients to take advantage of a salon special here and there…but that’s where it basically ended.  Not enough bang for the buck.  So, slowly the “daily posts” became “weekly posts” which became “monthly posts”, etc.

Hey, Facebook didn’t do itself any favors either.  They made advertising a cumbersome, complicated process.  And they made your Facebook posts land further and further down on a potential client’s “new feed”.  Thus making it almost impossible for a client to even see your “special” message.

So, don’t bother wasting any time in 2013 with this infuriating medium.  It’s just not worth it.

So, if people don’t go to Facebook to BUY things…where do they actually go?

Google.  That’s where.  (Oh and Amazon too)

But let me be a bit more precise.  They go to the first page of Google to buy things.  That’s pretty much it.

In other words, when people search for “hair salon in Quincy MA”…they never really go beyond page one of the search results.  It doesn’t really matter if there are 77,500 Google results (which there are BTW).

Think about it.  When you’re researching something to buy (product or service)…  isn’t that where you go?

Google is the new yellow pages…no question about it.

But, here is something that almost no salon owner ever really gets right when it comes to their website.  And that is this:

You have to give a potential client a good REASON to try your salon out.

Otherwise, they go to your site, look it over, and do nothing!  And guess what?

That happens to most of your potential new clients.

Think about how many “hits” your website gets versus how many actual new clients come thru the door.  If you’ve been tracking it…its likely between 98 and 99% of those “hits” are really useless.

How about if you could convert more of these “hits”?

Wouldn’t that be worth checking out?

Also, think about this…almost 25% of all people searching for things in 2012…almost never used a computer.  That’s right…it was a tablet or a mobile phone that they did they’re searching on.  And that number is expected to exceed 33% by the end of 2013.

So, if your salon has no mobile website…you just lost 33% of your potential search volume.

That’s pretty scary.

So, let me cut to the chase.

I’m introducing a new way to give you more paying first-time clients…each and every week…

Which is probably music to your ears.

But before I tell you more about this new “LeadGen” system…I want to give you the results from a salon that’s been using this new system for the last 3 months. Here they are:

92 First-Time Client Leads Generated from their existing website

52 First-Time Clients Actually Visited the Salon and spent an average of $72.68 in service and another $11.63 in retail (61% higher than their normal average ticket)

14 more appointments are still on the books for future appointments

A Total of $3,779.75 in Service and $605 in Retail were generated using this system during the test

40 Potential Clients are still Leads and getting emailed automatically every week in order to try and convert them to new paying first-time clients.

Now, here is something you also have to consider. A bunch of those 52 clients will also be coming back for future appointments. So the Sales revenue will be much higher when you consider the lifetime value of these new clients.

And the salon owner didn’t have to do ANYTHING to make this happen!

He didn’t have to “rally the troops”. He didn’t have to spend a bunch of money getting more traffic to his website. He didn’t have to start his website again from scratch. All he had to do was let us setup the “system” on his existing website.

I mean…how easy is that?

So, I’m not going to get into specifics of the actual LeadGen system right here…but I wanted to invite you to a small video presentation that I’m putting together right now which will be available in late January. You can watch it from your own home.

But there are some caveats to the LeadGen system that I have to tell you first…

1.      If you don’t believe in spending any kind of money on marketing…don’t bother.

2.      If you’re salon is in a town of less than 10,000 people…it’s not for you.

3.      If you have no website…it’s not for you either

But, if none of these caveats apply to you…it would be well worth checking it out.

So, if you want access to the video presentation – simply click the link below and sign-up for it. If you truly want to be more profitable in 2013…you have nothing to lose.

Click Here to sign up for the video presentation

As always, aim high…and dream even higher…
Steve Sampson
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