The One Resource That You Can Never Get Back…

As we’re quickly heading into the end of the year…it got me to thinking about the one finite resource that we all equally have. That resource is time.

Think about how you’re spending this precious commodity…as each day ticks by and each Christmas passes from year to year. Are you really spending it in the right areas? Are you truly enjoying your life?

Or are you always saying to yourself…I can’t wait until… One of my favorite sayings is “Stop Wishing Your Life Away”. Instead start each day saying “Today is the day…that I will make things happen”.

I was reading a blog just the other day by marketing legend Dan Kennedy and he said something that really stuck with me. He said that too many people go from day to day accepting losing. And you know…he’s right!

People are literally sleepwalking thru their lives waiting for “some day”. Blaming the economy, blaming the weather, blaming the staff, blaming the penny-pinching clients, blaming anyone who is within striking distance.

If that’s you…take a deep breath and stop!

I’m here to tell you that the world is not ending any time soon, the United States is not going to become Greece, and your business and your life can be much better in 2013. All you have to do is believe and act. That’s really it.

I just got done reading a book called “No One Ever Told Us That” by John Spooner. It’s a book that everybody should read but particularly young people ages 18 to 25. The book is about a very successful 74-year old who has written short little letters to his 2 grandchildren containing tremendous wisdom.

He wanted to make sure they knew things (that he never knew growing up) until he lived them. Lessons that would carry them thru life and make the chances of a better life more probable. Get the book. It’s worth the read. I read it and I learned more than a few things that I didn’t know.

In fact, I bought a few extra copies for my nieces for Christmas. Here’s one tip. All fads last about 2 years. Think Groupon. Here’s another. Never spend the money until it’s in your pocket. I think all business owners can relate to that.

Anyway, go on Amazon and pick up a copy. It’s an easy read and you will learn a lot. Then pass it along to a young person and positively affect their lives.

My 2013 will be dedicated to trying to help you take back some of your time. I know that most of you are totally overworked so that last thing I’m going to do is give you another job. Everything I introduce you to (going forward) will be “time-saving” and “money-making”.

Do yourself a favor…take a few days off (you deserve it) and enjoy the holidays…

As always, aim high…and dream even higher…

Steve Sampson


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