The Easiest Way to Add More Sales with Same Clients!

Have you ever noticed that most of your clients only get one type of service in your salon?  Maybe you haven’t, but the fact remains – hair clients only get hair services, nail clients only get nail services, etc.  And the reason behind this is really very simple.

Most salon owners never try “cross-selling” on a consistent basis to their client base.  Their idea of  “cross-selling” is putting all the services they offer into a salon menu.  Here is a news flash – nobody ever reads the menu after the first visit!  In fact, most salons never even update the salon menu after they add a new service. Why?  Because nobody reads the salon menu!

Well, I just put together a new video describing how you can use your HairMax salon software to increase sales using this proven technique called “cross selling”.  And like most things I bring to you – it will require almost no effort on your part to take full advantage of it.  I describe a simple technique that can bring an additional $42,000 to your salon sales.  And that’s just cross-selling a simple service like waxing!

Think about how much additional sales you could be getting from the same number of clients if you could just get them to try one more service in your salon.  Learn how you can use a simple postcard to make it happen.

To access this new cross-selling video simply click on the link below  

HairMax Salon Software is a product designed to be the best investment your salon has ever made.  It is not only the easiest and most powerful salon software on the market.  It is from a company dedicated to becoming the ultimate VALUE source to the industry.


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