The Best New Client Thank You Program I Found

imagesAs you know, I’m always on the look out for great ideas.  I certainly don’t come up with all of them myself…that’s for sure.

Well, this one really caught my eye and I wanted to pass it along to you.

No matter how good you think your salon is (and it may be great)…you can always make a massive improvement in sales by simply focusing on improving how well you bring back first-time clients for the 2nd, 3rd and 4th visits.

It’s THE biggest opportunity that you have because even the best salons are only keeping 50% of these first-time guests.  And I’m talking about one or two salons in a hundred being at that rate.  Most are in the 25%-30% range and believe me I have the data to prove it.

Do yourself a favor and run a “client retention report” (with your HairMax Salon Software)and check out the first-time client retention rates for the salon if you don’t believe me.  It will open your eyes…wide.

Anyway, I’m big into easy programs that you can implement without any hassle that can “move the needle” (if you know what I mean?)  And I think I just stumbled upon one.  It’s very clever.

So, here is what happens when a first-time client leaves this particular salon…

They get a small package…handed to them…already put together up at the front desk.

In the package, they get a small sample of a shampoo or conditioner…like a 2- oz trial size.  (hey, it gets them used to using some “salon quality” stuff)

They also get a letter that thanks them for coming in.  It contains sort of a mission statement and it explains all the other stuff in the package.

The letter introduces the client to the salon’s loyalty program (always a good idea) and explains it fully to them.  (BTW: we completely automated the client loyalty program in HairMax to make it effortless for you to implement in 2014…if you’re interested)

Also in the package is a 15% off coupon for a future Retail Product purchase in the salon.  (Again…it drives the client back to buy retail products there)

There is also a client referral card included to give to their friends or family.  The letter explains that the referred guest can try the salon out at a discount and when they do…an additional $20 off card will be sent in the mail as a thank you. 

(A smart way of introducing every new client to your referral program)

But here is the really ingenious thing…

In the package, they put in a “New Guest Rewards” coupon that contained escalating rewards for each successive visit up to the 4th visit.

In other words, the client gets $5 off the 2nd visit, $10 off the 3rd visit, and finally $15 off the 4th visit.  Which is exactly opposite what every other salon does!

Now…the visits have to exceed $40 in value to be counted…so a guest coming in for an $8 wax is not going to get a free service or anything.  But this escalating rewards thing is great idea. 

You and I both know that if a client comes in 4 times…you’re going to keep them for a while.  Why not give them MORE rewards until you get them into the salon 4 times.  (Makes way too much sense).

So, that’s the “New Guest Gift” package.  By far the best I’ve seen out there so far.

But this salon takes it even one step further…

In the mail, 2 days later, was a hand-written thank you card from the stylist (bad hand-writing and all) to the client.  (Excellent touch)

This is a salon that is serious about improving their salon business.

One last thing…

If you have your staff squawking that you’re “taking money out of their paychecks” by implementing this program…do yourself a favor.  Pull up their client retention numbers and tell them when they exceed 50% on first-time clients…then they can squawk. 

Quite frankly, I get sick and tired hearing from short-sighted stylists that want you to spend all your money trying to get new clients in the door only for them to lose them out the back door at a 70% clip.

Make 2014 about growing a backbone and dealing with your staff in a firm but professional way.  Because at the end of the day…it’s your business…nobody else’s.

As always, aim high…and dream even higher…

Steve Sampson



2 Responses to “The Best New Client Thank You Program I Found”

  1. David Shwaery on January 10th, 2014 9:26 pm

    Another brilliant idea. Keep them coming. Thanks.

  2. Carlos Elder on January 13th, 2014 1:06 pm

    This is great send me more ideas like this one

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