Do You Really Want More New Clients?

Ok, I guess that might be a rhetorical question, but I’m being serious.  Do you really want more new salon clients?  If the answer is “yes” – then what are you doing today to get more?  What did you do last week to get more?

In order to grow your salon – you need a steady flow of new clients coming in every week.  We both know that some new clients will come in from client referrals.  But we also both know that this (by itself) is simply not enough.

Last week, I was talking to a salon owner that I’ve known for 25 years.  He and I both agreed that the salon industry is tougher today than ever before.  There is more competition chasing after fewer and fewer dollars.

I personally got 6 phone calls last week asking me “how’s business out there?”  I get these phone calls from salon owners who are afraid that their business is drying up.  They want to be comforted that maybe everybody is in the same boat.

Well, here is the answer – they’re not!

Some salons are doing very well.  They are growing each and every year.  They’re taking market share from their competitors.  And do you want to know why?

Because they’re investing in their salons consistently and not wasting their money.

Let me explain…

What is the most important thing in your business?  Answer: your client list.

The bigger you can grow your client list…the bigger you can grow your salon.  Well, growing your client list means increasing your new clients every week…because we both know that we’re also losing some existing clients every week.

Here’s the news bulletin – you need to spend some money in order to get more new clients.

Ok, pick yourself up off the ground and hear me out.

All legitimate businesses spend money on marketing.  If they don’t…they don’t grow.  It’s really that simple.  If you want to muddle through, until the economy gets better, good luck to you.  It will be a long time.

That’s just reality.

If you want to really succeed…you need to invest in your business and be very smart about how you spend the money. Don’t do what everybody else does.  Most business owners start worrying and then start cutting every expense and then scratch their heads when their business continues to shrink every three months.  It’s nuts.

Do you see Apple or McDonald’s or Chipotle Mexican Grill advertising less these days?  Of course not – they realize that they need to advertise to get clients through the door.  Why do salon owners think that they don’t need to advertise to grow their businesses?

Let me ask you…Are you “hoping” that you can grow you business simply from “word of mouth”?  Read my blog post from last week and make sure you have a great answer for “Why your salon is different from everybody else” if you are.

My best advice to you is this.  If you want to worry less…get really good at marketing your business.  Be smart, spend your money wisely and clean up when everyone else is pulling back.

The cream always rises to the top…no matter what the environment.

As always, aim high…and dream even higher…

Steve Sampson

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One Response to “Do You Really Want More New Clients?”

  1. Richard Bump on October 23rd, 2011 9:58 pm

    Hear hear! Since we began using Hairmax, it’s easier than ever to gather client demographics, forecast trends, monitor sales and target which services and/or stylists need to be promoted weeks in advance! No more guesswork or gut instincts. We opened over 34 years ago and one of the keys to survival is learning how to ride the economic waves and take advantages of opportunities.

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