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I’m on my way to Dallas to attend a 3-day marketing conference (actually I’m writing this blog post from the plane) but I had an idea that I just wanted to share with you.  Between you and I, I’d much rather be going to a philosophy retreat – but as we both know – we must always be honing our primary skills.  And yes, I will be summarizing all the best stuff that I learn in another blog post when I return. 

But, something happened to me this week that I feel needs some real “air-time” (no pun intended).  On Tuesday, I had a meeting with an old friend who happens to own a chain of 27 higher-end salons.  I’ve known him for over 20 years (yes, I’m that old) and we were discussing various things from inventory to payroll to general annoyances with controlling THAT number of salons. 

When we got done with all the “technical” issues, he asked me a very basic but poignant question.  He said this “Steve, you see what we do here, what one thing can you see that we don’t do that would have a big impact on our business?”  And he demonstrated to me, right there, that this was the big reason that he’s been able to accomplish so much in this business.  He doesn’t let the “little things” get in the way of what’s really important! 

So often, as business owners, we get bogged down with little issues that waste all of our time.  And we never stop long enough to ask the truly important questions.  Which, by the way, is another reason why I try and go to these 3-day events.  It allows me to get away from the everyday action of my current business and really think about it – differently.  And hopefully, I can learn something that will impact my business in a profound way.

 Anyway, are you curious as to the piece of advice that I gave to that salon chain owner?

 Well, here it is.  Start implementing “cross-selling” in your business in a very real way.  In other words, all salons have thousands of clients that come in and get one type of service.  If your salon does other things (i.e. waxing, nails, massage, facials, etc.) then use the power of your HairMax salon software to segment the clients into groups and market to them for the other services.

I created a video, about a year ago, that described exactly how to do that with your HairMax system.  And at the bottom of this blog post, there is a link to that video.  It’s only about 5-7 minutes long – so check it out when you get a chance.

Now in the video, I describe how using just postcards to promote waxing services can have a profound impact.  In today’s world, I would suggest using email instead of postcards to do the same thing.  It’s dramatically less costly (zero vs. whatever) and it can be done almost instantly.

In HairMax 11.6, which will be available, in just a few months – I offer you the best way I know to get 90% of your clients to give you their email addresses.  Having a great email list can truly have a profound effect on anyone’s business.  Just look at what it allows me to do.

When I first started in this business, I basically had one product – HairMax salon software.  Now, we can provide our clients with plastic gift cards, client loyalty key tags, a great referral tracking system, customized web sites, seminars, credit card processing, etc.  That’s how I use “cross-selling” in my own business.  And if you noticed, most of the time I’m simply using my email list.

Check out the video below and see how you can use your HairMax system to immediately get the benefits of “cross-selling”.  And be on the lookout for our new HairMax 11.6 upgrade material and the HairMax seminar that will take place this fall.  Both can have a big time impact on your salon business.  Click on the link below to go to the video.

Best Regards, Steve Sampson

HairMax Salon Software is a product designed to be the best investment your salon has ever made.  It is not only the easiest and most powerful salon software on the market.  It is from a company dedicated to becoming the ultimate VALUE source to the industry.



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