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Ok, I’ve been getting a lot of requests for the reprinting of my “Becoming a Pro” post that I did last year.  I read it over again…and it’s more appropriate this year than last year.  For all you salon owners that need to send a message to staff members “from another voice”…feel free to send the link to this blog post.   This one happened to be sent to salons, but I’m sure if we really think about it – we could send it to many businesses. 

Reprint of December 2008 – Becoming a Pro

Let me start out by saying – Stop whining!

You live in the best country in the world, you have a job, you have an opportunity to make a ton of money (if you want it) – but if your like 95% of the people out there – you’re blowing it.

What do I mean?

Look, in every profession in the world – doctors, lawyers, computer people, marketing people, and even salon “professionals” – there are pros and there is everybody else.

That’s right 5% of the people are pro’s – and 95% of everybody else is just trying to look busy.

If you’re a pro – you have more business than you can handle. You have people calling you up every day wanting to do business with you. You can’t fit any more clients in because your day is filled with clients who are eager to see you again.

Clients look forward to speaking with you because you have that certain energy that very few people have. It’s addicting to them! Why? Because it’s rare.

Pro’s don’t worry about whether they make an extra 5% commission. They don’t work for the money (although they usually make 2-3 times as much as the next person) – they do it because they want to be the best. They care about the client because they understand it all comes back in the end.

Pro’s are never late. They’re not stupid enough to think that “being always late = being really popular”. It just means you’re delusional. And that 50% of your clientele walk out the door now muttering “I would leave that jackass in a second if I had a half a brain”.

The truth is that they will leave you. Because within 5 miles (or less) of your salon – there is someone better. They just haven’t met them yet.

Pro’s never stop learning. They’re always looking out for the newest technique that they can introduce to their clients. And they do it. Pro’s are doers – not watchers. They take risks and aren’t so fragile that they crumble when a client is unhappy. They just fix it and move on.

Pro’s don’t show up to work like they just crawled out of bed. They realize that they’re in the Beauty Business! When you see them, they’re always dressed well, their hair and makeup is done appropriately – whether it’s 8am or 9pm. They wouldn’t have it any other way.

Pro’s don’t sit around the break room and complain about being treated unfairly. They don’t need to – because they’re a pro. If you’re not busy – it’s not the economy – it’s you!

You can stick a pro in a new shop and within a day or two every client (that is in somebody else’s chair) wants to suddenly try them out. Why? Because they’re a pro.

Wouldn’t you?

When a client spends their money – they want a result. If your relationship with the client is getting stale – that’s your fault. They’re paying YOU to stay on top of it. And you’re not. They will leave you and you’ll be wondering “Geez, I wonder what happened to so-and-so, maybe they moved.” (Guess again)

Pro’s use everything to their advantage. If they have a salon management software package – they use it. They put little reminders in the client’s records so that when the client walks in the door – it’s like they never left. That’s a pro. They care that the client is impressed when they remembered something about them.

Clients want to feel important. Pro’s know this.

Unfortunately, 95% of workers, just think about themselves and want to blame everybody else for their troubles. It’s time to grow up. There is no Santa Claus – and nobody’s going to hand you a million dollars.

You’re pay right now is directly proportional to the value you bring. If you want to get paid more – bring more value. Become a Pro.

Best Regards, Steve Sampson

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