20 Things You Need to Know About Gift Cards…

If you haven’t thought about how you can use Gift Cards to your salon’s advantage yet…now is the time to get on it.

Over 80% of Gift Cards will be purchased between now and December 25th.   Gift cards are becoming a bigger part of the Holiday season each and every year…and your HairMax salon software handles everything about them.

Gift cards are totally reusable in HairMax salon software…so you can issue the same card over and over again (on average up to 5 times).

All we need is your salon’s logo…and we do the rest.  Super easy.

**** Read these interesting facts about Gift Cards ****  

Around two-thirds of American consumers have purchased at least one gift card.

55% of gift card recipients require more than one shopping trip to spend the balance of their card.

The average gift card user ends up spending an extra 20% beyond the value of the card.

Birthdays are the most popular occasion to buy a gift card with 81% of consumers purchasing gift cards for a birthday. 67% of consumers purchase gift cards for other holidays.

Retailers who switch from paper gift certificates to plastic gift cards typically see a 50-100% increase in sales.

61% of gift card holders spend more than the amount of their gift card, and 75% of those who overspend spend 60% more than the value of their card.

Gift cards are most popular with teenagers. One survey reports 98% of teens have either purchased or received a gift card.

More than one in every four digital or online gift cards  sold in December are sold between Dec. 21 and Dec. 24.

More than $41 billion in gift cards went unused between 2005 and 2011…with 6 billion more going unused each and every year.

Gift cards have been the most requested item on holiday wish lists since 2007.

The most commonly purchased gift card amount is $25.

The average gift card purchased in 2013 will be around $45.

40% of gift card recipients do not use the total value of the card.

American households have an average of $300 in unused gift cards.

The sale of gift cards that expire in less than five years is prohibited by the federal government.

80.6 percent of consumers intend to buy at least one gift card during the 2013 holiday season

Total spending on gift cards in 2013 is projected to reach $29.8 billion.

Shoppers will spend an average of $163.16 on gift cards during the 2013 holiday season…up 4% from 2012.

59.4% of people want to receive gift cards for the holidays in 2013.

Men will spend about $20 more on gift cards than women in 2013, to the tune of $171.35.

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As always, aim high…and dream even higher…

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