Salon Management

Basically put, salon management is all about getting your target clientèle into your salon, then giving them the experience they want, so they keep them coming back.

But, as you know it is not that simple, and there are so many successful decisions you – as a salon manager – have to make in order to achieve this.

In a moment, you will find out,…..there are several parts to the salon management puzzle that are of extreme importance.


Your salon has to provide a great experience for your clientèle.

Be aware, every client comes into your salon wanting to have a certain experience. Some want to escape from the reality of their daily lives, others want to feel relaxed or special, and just about all of them want to look and feel considerably better when they leave your salon compared to when they arrived.

If you give them what they want, they will keep coming back! But, to provide this level of superior customer service is again,… not a simple task.

It is just not a matter of managing all your staff so they:
– are well trained in their job,
– have the right attitude,
– present well,
– talk well,
– relate well to your clients, and
– are educated about your business objectives, thus your business’s customer service standards.

You also have to ensure that you have all the right systems, salon computer, beauty salon equipment and inventory to support your staff so they can achieve all of this.

But, it doesn’t stop there….it also involves deciding what your standard of customer service is,….and what the actual experience is going to be for your clients. In order to do this successfully, you really need to know what experience your target clientèle want to have! So, how can you easily find this out?

It goes like this….

Every client who is currently coming through your salon door is not just a source of business who generates money for your salon business. They are also a holder of extremely important information. They know what they want their ideal beauty salon experience to be like.

It is not hard to realize that they will always keep coming back to their ‘ideal beauty salon’. So, instead of guessing what they want…ask them!  This will allow you to ask all your clients how to create the best beauty salon for them. Instead of spending heaps of time guessing. Or even worse, not bothering to guess at all.

Sometimes, even if you have been a manager in the beauty salon industry for a fairly long time, you may not be used to doing this type of proactive type of market research and marketing. At first it may seem a bit daunting. You might feel awkward asking your clients these types of questions.

However, from over a decade of feedback we have received from our clients, we know the majority of clients love you to ask them questions and are only too happy to help you.

If your thinking that’s great!,….but once I get that information, what do I do with it?

The whole process can be made a whole lot easier if you have a salon management software system that intuitively captures most of the client information you need for your marketing.

Hairmax salon software has been very carefully designed to capture this type of crucial information about your clients. It organizes the information into easy-to-understand reports, so you can easily use it to empower the success of your marketing efforts.


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