Salon adds $400,000 to Sales by doing this ONE thing…

A few years ago, we hosted a 2-day event for salon owners to help them maximize sales and profits.

During a break, I was approached by one of the owners and he asked me if he could share a story with the crowd.

Curiously, I asked him what the story was about.

He said it was a small technique he did in his own salon that was responsible for a $400,000 jump in annual sales.

Basically going from $600k per year to just over a million.

How could I say “no”.

So, later that afternoon John took the stage and told a group of 131 salon owners his secret.

They were stunned how easy it was.

Here is the story…

John owned a salon for years.  He said that no matter what he did he could never get his salon past the $10,000/week threshold.

So one day, he decided that he had to figure out what was wrong.

He started by looking at client retention.  That all looked fine.

He then looked at the appointment re-booking rates.  Those looked fine too.

So, he was stumped.  But then he dug a little deeper.

He checked to see how often his clients were coming back to the salon.

In other words, were they coming back every 5 weeks or 6 weeks or what.  He assumed it was every 5-6 weeks.

This task took him a few days to figure out because he had to go through every client and manually figure out the times between visits.

He was shocked to learn that the average weeks between visits was averaging over 8 weeks!

Then a light bulb went off…here’s where the story gets interesting…

John came up with a great idea to shrink the amount of time between visits to just over 5 weeks.

He created a sign for the front desk that said…

Re-book your next appointment (when you leave) within 5 weeks and your next visit will be 10% off.

That was it.  His clients loved the idea.

His salon became busier after about a month.  Much busier.

His re-booking rates (which were already good) improved.

His client retention improved a bit too.

His sales started to climb.

And here is the reason why…

If a client comes in every 5 weeks…they come in 10 times a year.  If they come in every 8 weeks…they come in only 6.5 times per year!

If your average visit is $50…then the sales per client per year climbs from $325 to $450 even after the 10% discount is applied.

This is a 38% improvement in sales with the same clients.

It was a great idea.  It still is.

I then asked John how long he ran the “promotion” for…and he said “I ran it for 10 months and then I discontinued it”.

I asked him “Why?”.

He said “Clients were now in the habit of re-booking their appointments (every 5 weeks) so there was no need to keep giving the 10% discount.”

Now he got another 10% improvement in sales overnight!

Very smart.

And guess what…you can do the same.

But I will be honest with you…it’s difficult unless you have a software program like HairMax Cloud/SalonTarget.

Most software programs (including HairMax) will give you what your “re-booking” percentage is…that’s easy.

But like John found out…rebooking rates can be misleading because you’re only looking at half of the equation.

With HairMax Cloud/SalonTarget you can instantly find out what your actual average weeks between visits is right now. 

You will be shocked…I guarantee it.

Also, you need a way to “mark” appointments as re-booked so that the receptionist can apply the 10% discount properly when the client returns.

Again, you can do that through Appointment book notes in programs like HairMax but it’s a little messy.

With HairMax Cloud/SalonTarget, you have the ability to apply a promotion code to the re-booked appointment when you book it and it will remember the discount when the client returns.

No fuss…no hassle.

Isn’t it time for you to see what else you’re missing by not upgrading to HairMax Cloud/SalonTarget?

Use the idea that John came up with…it works!

Click the video (2 min) below to see what all the buzz is about!

P.S. Your competitors are jumping on board everyday…


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