Hairmax Salon Software Accepts Credit Cards

HairMax now proudly offers integrated credit card processing. Never before has it been so easy to accept credit cards from your clients. No need for clunky, expensive credit card processing machines, HairMax does it all. Enter the amount, scan the card and you’re done, HairMax handles the rest.

Faster Processing: Cash your client out in a fraction of the time. Our credit card processing is blazingly fast! Transactions typically process in just a couple seconds.

Connection Options: HairMax can process credit cards through a telephone line using your computer’s modem or over the Internet. HairMax only requires one phone line, no matter how many terminals you want to process cards on. Or you can process your cards over the Internet, eliminating the need for an additional phone line and dramatically reducing the time needed to process cards.

Electronic Archiving: Using the optional electronic signature capture unit, salons can have HairMax store your client’s signatures in the database along with the transaction. This eliminates the need to print and store a merchant receipt and will allow salons to easily access and print out past receipts for as far back as they want through HairMax.

Payment Types: HairMax can process all major credit cards, such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Card as well as all MasterCard/Visa debit cards.

Simplified Settlements: HairMax can automatically settle transactions without any user interaction. Salons will no longer experience delays in their deposits or risk downgrades because of missed or late settlement transmissions.

Eliminate Errors: Using integrated credit card processing will reduces errors because the charge amount is passed directly from your POS to the processing company. No more mistyped transactions or clients who were charged incorrectly.


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